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Procrastination is like Masturbation, it feels real good till you realize: “I'm really just fucking myself."

 This was something that i thought about a lot.

It was a great motivator for a while, but friends:

I. am. a Pro. Cras. Ti. Na. Tor.

So I would often get that sudden urge to clean out my refrigerator, do laundry, Marie Kondo my entire house.

You know that feeling I'm talking about. Doing 


 That email, that text, that DM, that phone call that needs to be responded to or you know basic general life commitments.

And cleaning my bathroom made me feel like "oh, no. i'm not procrastinating, I'm being productive!" 

I became the queen of procrastination projects.

And one day feeling overwhelmed and on the verge of burnout in the midst of another procrastination project I thought: procrastination is EXACTLY like masturbation....but what's wrong with that????

Let’s all set some intentional time for some self care or ... dare I say self love?  

Schedule that spa day and make space to reconnect, re focus and tackle THE THING. The real thing.

To prioritize rest and well being

I love making bath bombs that can help you take care of what is ACTUALLY important. You, my friend, you!

Over the past 5 years we have refined, experimented and cultivated different formulas and scent combinations 

(let's be real - probably gonna keep doing that)

That will leave you feeling refreshed and pampered

You know you need it. You know you deserve it.  And you know you're damn well worth it.

I know life can be....a lot. So make the time to sit with, take care of, and love up on yourself.

You can think “Yeah i’m procrastinating” but i say honestly, what's so wrong with that?

Go on, procrastinate a little, and then rock the world!