Procrastination is 10000% like masturbation it feels phenomenal till you think:

I'm really just fucking myself

and it was a great motivator for awhile, but  I. am. a Pro. Cras. Ti. Na. Tor.

I started making bath bombs as a way to procrastinate from the things that needed to be done. 

You know what I'm talking about:

That email, that text, that DM, that phonecall I need to respond to or basic general life commitments. And in order to keep up with my hyper "need to be productive" mindset, instead of doing THE THING, I would suddenly have an irresistible urge to clean my bathroom, my fridge, catch up on that series everyone was talking about. You know that feeling I'm talking about. AN.Y.THING. BUT THE THING.

And here I was (at the beginning of my life living single use plastic free) needing to make everything. And in walks the internet blah blah....I started making bathbombs, scheduled a spa day and made space to reconnect re focus and tackle THE THING.

And it got me thinking Procrastion is like masturbation....but what's wrong with that????

We all need to set some intentional time for some self care ... dare I say self love

I was so excited with my bathbombs I started giving them to friends. I refined, experimented with different formulas and scent combinations(lets be real - probably gonna keep doing that) read and learned a lot and now I have something im super proud of and want to share with you. 

You know you need it. You know you deserve it.  And you know you're damn well worth it.

I know life can be....a lot. So make the time to sit with recharge and love yourself.i'm just fucking myself. but honest;y, what's wrong with that?

So go on, procrastinate a little and then rock the world!